Episode 35 Too Many Potters

In this episode we get an update from a previous potter winner and talk about two other people who should be potter award winners but we found someone much better to award that to this week.We also welcome our newest member to the Secular Outreach Network. The Paranormal Skeptic Academy Twitter followers KiltedFox Texas Liberal Lady Secular Outreach Net Wish I Said That Your Voice Tiffany Rob Caufield Sheli Thomas Essel Dulcie Sweetie Bea mystery alice mac fad gen Elliot Springfield atheism101podcast David Williamson Brian BrushwoodHelp support the show by becoming a patron and get access to the show the night before.Visit our Pateron page. Secular Outreach networkSecular Yakking is a proud member of the Secular Outreach Network.SON is a group of skeptical, secular and humanist content creators collaborating with the goal of creating high quality entertainment — and just maybe — to do some good along the way.Find out more about SON and the other shows that make up the network at SecularOutreach.com