Episode 52 It’s been how long? – Secular Yakking With Robert and Amy

On this episode we celebrate one year with a beer. We see if atheist scholarships are unconstitutional and what is happening with a former Mr. Potter winner (hint he is in some hot water!) Then we introduce a new segment with our friend Tom Essel. It is something about history. This week is the Treaty of Tripoli. Tom’s history segment can be seen at Danthropology. Our SON partner is Paul Sating with The Q and Atheist Apocalypse. Secular Outreach network Secular Yakking is a proud member of the Secular Outreach Network. SON is a group of skeptical, secular and humanist content creators collaborating with the goal of creating high quality entertainment — and just maybe — to do some good along the way. Find out more about SON and the other shows that make up the network atSecularOutreach.com